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RICE Content & Media is a Content Marketing Company.

We are a collective of young Filmmakers and Marketing Professionals who are passionate about film and art.

We produce films to support people and communities in Saigon and beyond.

We are the founders of the RICE Channel TV (#ricechanneltv)

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Help brands build their communities online and develop their own content platform.

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#ricechanneltv series

The Last Craftsmen

In the middle of the bustling Saigon, there are some people still living in the good old days. To them, the craft has to be kept alive at all cost, even though it means being the only one left behind.

Trading Places

Trading Places is a series by RICE and Saigoneer, exploring the history, tenants, and precarious future of some of Saigon’s iconic old apartment buildings.

Line Production

We are Producers who are fluent in English and Vietnamese with experience in international productions.

We understand and put emphasis in storytelling and research.

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Case Studies

Executive Producer
Andy Ho
Summer Doan
Trinh Vinh Phuc
Camera Assistant
Cuong Pham
Hoa Nguyen
Hiep Nguyen
Assistant Producer
Dan Tran
Huong Nguyen


Saigon Children’s Charity (Saigon – City of Dreams Series)

We go through the character’s normal day in Saigon, capture their simple daily activities and their moments with the city to see Saigon through their eyes. The eyes of the strangers who come here to look for their dreams, and found it.

This is the second episode of the series: Saigon – City of Dreams.

Friday night, you pack yourself out of work and head to the local pub. The same bartender. He told you he’s making new drinks for a competition. You replied, “Cool.”

Yet you may not know that’s the taste of home to him. You may not know his grappling 15. All of the untold, now served in a story cocktail, Saigon-ful.

Thank you Saigon Children’s Charity and Pebble for the collaboration.