5 Rules RICE Members Are Working By

Or a recap on a Saturday meeting when our supervisor Andy Ho sat us down, and presented us five mantras that each member of RICE is obligated to

  1. We are the pioneers of the future – “Training for leadership upon which the industry will be built”: What RICE is doing is the first in Vietnam. We are content marketers who do not believe in paid likes, comments and views. We sell with honesty and quality. But, since being the pioneers is not easy, each member is trained for working with creativity, analytical thinking and pressures.
  2. Content first – “Our work will be better next week”: Content marketing is about consistent and quality content. And that content must be improved week by week.
  3. Stay true to your craft – “Hours of practice for total mastery”: Each member of RICE comes from different background. Some are fresh graduates; some have been on the job for years. But, we never stop practicing what we are good at and are ready to take on new positions to expand our skills and knowledge.
  4. We are brothers and sisters – “We are only as strong as our weakest link”: Since we can spend up to 12 hours a day together, we see one another more than our family. We work and live like brothers and sisters who can fight a lot, but only because we see different solutions for a problem, and different approaches for a project. We are also vocal about one another’s underperformance, because as a team we do not let anyone of us fall behind.
  5. Respect the client – “All opinions need be respected. Humility”: People have their own opinions. When we see different things, respect is the key. That is the decency of a human being.

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