A Short Film Approach to CSR

Telling a story about a brand’s involvement is CSR is seldom told in a narrative short film but we were given that opportunity with Capitaland.

The Capitaland Hope Foundation was the philanthropic arm of Capitaland.  They have engaged in major CSR developments by building schools in rural Vietnam to support education n the province.

This was an exciting project for our team as it is not often the client is willing to embark on a short film to communicate their CSR.  Directed by Bertrand Lee, this has to be one of our soulful projects in the second quarter.

This is a film about giving hope of new beginnings though education.  It tells the life journey of a boy losing a race and being inspired to go on by the teacher.  In the end, the boy grew up and in a sublime twist of fate, he takes on the role of inspiring a boy who loses a race in the present.

The film aims to inspire the community to always remember your roots and give back to community when you can. It is great to see a brand focusing on the story to deliver a meaningful message to the community.

This project represents our beliefs on some many levels. Tell a story to the people who matters and let the people tell the story of the brand.

Moreover, the film was shot in 2 days with 6 locations.  Kudos to the amazing team who supported to wrap on time!

Watch on ‘The Race of Life’ below.


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