A story about Mẫn

It has been a week since the successful ‘State of Content’ event.  Mẫn, our Social Media Planner of the RICE team, is back in the office enjoying her coffee on a rainy Tuesday when we ask her for this interview.


How did you end up in RICE?

My friend worked at RICE and I learned from her that RICE was looking for a social media planner. I applied and met Andy at RMIT Career Expo for an interview that week. The following Monday, I sat at RICE office and started a new journey.


What was your first impression of the RICE team?

I was like “Wow ! Everyone is so young”. Most of Rice team members are about my age, the working environment is quite unique and dynamic.


RICE: As a Social Media Planner for RICE & Partners, how has the job been for you so far?

Mẫn: Social Media Planner is a job which is not only very interesting but also challenging and difficult. I feel the expectation is doubled hard if you are working for RICE. However, I got great support from RICE’s talented filmmakers, producers and concept team.


RICE: What do you think are skills needed to do well for this job?

Mẫn: In my opinion, you need to have good time management and really learn to multi-task. You must pay attention to every single detail and this is why RICE is different from other companies. I found the team highly meticulous when I first joined and it was intimidating at first!  But gradually I saw it as a challenge and motivated myself to do the best.


RICE: What RICE’s projects are you working on right now?

Mẫn: I am managing 3 fan pages for RICE & Partners.  They are: RicechannelTV (our official RICE & Partners platform), Float (a fan page to promote young musician by live-streaming on our channel) and The Filmmakers Workshop (a platform for advanced filmmaking workshops).

Last week I organized the ‘State of Content’, an event to network the content marketers in town. Then 2 days later, I organized another event for the Filmmaker Workshop on ‘8K Camera Introduction’ sponsored by the Red Camera.

It was really hectic last week!


RICE: What skill do you need to have to pursue a successful career in Social Media planning?

I am learning to become a great Social Media Planner. To be honest, I am not sure what kind of skill a Social media planner needs specifically. My personal feeling is I need everything. In addition, working at RICE is different, you must be able to multitask.


RICE: What can we expect from RICE in the future?

Mẫn: We plan to organize more State of Content events to emphasize the important of Content in Marketing . We also made an agreement with AV8 for the third workshop of The Filmmaker Workshop. So there are a lots of amazing events you can wait for.



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