A wrap-up of Happiness Film Festival

The Happiness Film Festival already ended successfully on last Sunday. However, after completing a journey with people in the festival, its inspiring message about the irreplaceable value of happiness and well-being still leaves a positive lasting impression on Rice’s team members. We strongly resonate with the idea that happiness has many facets and it is a choice, not a result. To celebrate the success of the festival, we have a chat with each other during lunch break to find out our choices to become happy.
Nguyen, our filmmaker and editor,  that happiness comes from such simple things like going for a walk alone, listening to a good song and thinking about the song’s writer. She finds that her positive attitude towards small things of everyday life helps her to discover the hidden beauty in ordinariness which later turns into her creative inspiration. For Suong and Ha, our producer and PR executive, after a busy work week, they will highly appreciate a do-nothing day on weekends when they can take a step back and reflect on the things happening to them. Lastly, Khanh, our writer has a different approach to happiness. In her opinion, we can’t feel fulfilled and happy without going through sadness; her happy moments are that she has had enough strength and courage to overcome setbacks in her life.
Each of us may have a different way to celebrate life, but one thing we all agree that despite personal crisis and tragedy, each of us all can find happiness as long as we embrace ourselves and whatever comes to our ways. Happiness does come from within, not from outside. Check out Happiness Film Festival Recap Video:

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