Chat with the Man-with-the-Most-Slashes-in-the-Company

1. How did you end up in DIGIPOST?

Having studied at Arena Multimedia, I set my goal to become a 3D artist. I had worked for several game companies but the job felt the same everyday, that’s why I applied for Digipost to have a chance to work on more projects of different topics.  Later Digipost got integrated with RICE & Partners.


2. How does the job at DIGIPOST differ from your previous workplaces?

Commercial work is really intense. Projects just keep lining up one after another waiting for me all the time. I often joke with others that even though I’ve just worked at DIGIPOST for one year, I am confident that my experience can be counted as 3 years, thanks to all the effort and overtime I need to contribute to commercial projects. But it is not bad always, jobs from brands are various.

Each project teaches me something new!

3. Is that how you gain the nickname “Man with the Most Slashes in the Company”?

Anh Khoa refused to answer this question, so we asked chị Minh the producer about this title of anh Khoa.


Chị Minh: I gave him that title myself. Each time after assigning a new job to him, I add one more slash to his nickname. Currently, he’s the Online/3D/CGI/VFX/Singer and soon /ReluctantActor will be added.

The truth is, a long time ago, when I sat down and talked with Khoa, he said he wanted to focus on developing his 3D skills. I told him that the industry was changing, and with only 3D skills, he would need to depend on many other people to complete a work. So I suggested him to learn more to become a generalist.

When I assigned him the job of Online/VFX, I myself was taking a 50/50 risk. Khoa could deliver it but at the same time, high chance he could fail. And eventually, he succeeded. And now I’m confident to add more and more slashes to his title.

Thank you chị Minh for your sharing.


Now get back to anh Khoa:

4. What and how do you learn different things at DIGIPOST, and now RICE & Partners?

After realizing there were more in life than just 3D, I strived to learn from the colleagues as much as I can. Each job poses a new challenge for me, from covering up tattoos, building underground tanks for sharks, to creating coffee smoke in the shape of a flag, you name it. Each new project, I have to research and go through a process of trial and error to reach the final outcome.

And to do CGI, one cannot just sit in front of a computer all the time. To ensure the CGI work is smooth, I have to follow closely from the preparation stage and then production.

Also, the people at DIGIPOST/RICE taught me a lot more in life. For example, chị Minh producer taught me how to be patient, anh Quang editor taught me how to behave with clients, even the interns taught me how to endure stress.


5. Tell us about one unforgettable experience at RICE?

Definitely Kiddie Shark, a junior version of the show Shark Tank. I had to virtually build an underground aquarium of sharks for the kids to walk on. It was a huge project and I had to work closely with different departments, especially the art director, director and DOP to ensure the post-production was feasible.

For that job, I was the Set Designer, on-set VFX, and post producer.


6. Impressive! We will ask chị Minh producer to add those new positions to your title. Thank you anh Khoa for the chat!


Thanks anh Khoa, who started out at Digipost and later joined our team when Digipost became our integrated partner, for contributing this article.


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