Content Is Always Our First Priority,’ RICE Executive Producer Says

A short interview with our Executive Producer Andy Ho on the then, now and future of RICE

Q: What motivated you to establish RICE?

Andy: Starting my career in the film industry at a young age, I was always aware that things were never easy, inaccessible even, for young people. Therefore, when I started RICE about two years ago, my objective was to create a playground for young filmmakers.

In fact, the #ricechanneltv was initially meant to be a platform for young filmmakers to promote their works. However, the original plan was changed a little bit, when our videos started catching people’s attention. A few companies contacted us, asking if we could produce similar works for them. It was then we came to realize what we were doing had much more potentials.

Q: So, what is RICE now?

Andy: We are still a collective of young people who are passionate about films and arts. But, besides works that are purely arts, we also produce videos that are meant for commercial uses. Whatever we are making, content is always our first priority.

Despite the change, we never stop giving supports to young filmmakers. That’s why, in collaboration with our partners, we have initiated The Filmmakers Workshop – a series of non-profit workshops that are organized every three months in Ho Chi Minh City. We hope that through the workshops, young filmmakers in Vietnam have an access to advanced yet practical techniques applied by professionals around the world.

Q: And, what will RICE be like in the future?

Andy: We have been expanding our range in content marketing with an ultimate goal that is to give more power to creators. Hopefully, we can become a pioneer in creating better online content that is driven by quality instead of metrics only.

Q: What are the assets of RICE team that you want people to know about?

Andy: RICE members know what they are doing and have the craft to do it. For instance, our head of content does not only throw out ideas for others to execute. He is a professional filmmaker. Or, our writer is not a mere content writer or copywriter. She had nearly nine years of experience working as a journalist.

While the members often focus on doing what they are good at, they are ready to support one another and take on new jobs, when necessary.

Such organic working model has allowed us to produce better content.

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