Directorial Debut – Nguyen Dang

How did you end up at RICE?

One year ago, I came across RICE Channel TV on the internet and was pretty impressed by what I saw. Besides the fact that not many local channels produce that kind of content, RICE videos also had professional quality in 15145189_889011974568737_2082360334_o_02terms of cinematography and editing. After attending the filmmaking workshops organized by RICE, I applied for the filmmaker intern position.


What’s your background like? What first interested you in filmmaking?

I have been a cinema lover since I was a child watching my mom’s VHS tapes of classic films like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. I studied acting for a short time until decided that I wanted to be involved in all aspects of filmmaking, not just acting. A wonderful piece of art can raise a lot of questions about myself and the world I live in. To be a part of such a creative process is what I always want to do.


RC148_BeautyShoot_Documentation_1.22.1What are some of your favorite projects that you have worked on at RICE? Why did you enjoy working on them?

My favorites are the documentary projects for sure. We have been working on two new series that will be released soon. I’ve greatly enjoyed the process of making them.

As a filmmaker, working on the documentaries brings satisfaction as well as a challenge. For example, the uncontrollable nature of making documentaries often challenges our creative process. You work on this one and you realize, ‘Oh, this is not the way we should work for this certain film. Because each one is different from the others!’. At RICE, we filmmakers often sit down and share the problems we are facing, to come up with a better creative process. You fail and you learn.



What’s something that has surprised you since joining RICE?

To be honest, it is the heavy workload. The job demands full commitment and serious endurance. In return, I got trained to work with a professional workflow and creative process. You know Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule? I do not count but it is true that in RICE, we must practice our crafts for endless hours every single day.


Are there any trends or new techniques in filmmaking that especially interest you?

The development in Vietnam’s TVC and viral ads. I stopped watching TV about ten years ago and one of the reasons was because I could not stand the low-quality advertisements that kept punching me in the face. These days, many business people are aware of the huge impact created by well-made TVC and viral videos. There are a lot of ads with great quality from idea to execution. I am in no way a marketing expert but in my opinion, that is smart marketing. It is also a part of what we do at RICE.


BONUS question: What are a few of your favorite films?

Films from directors Andrei Tarkovsky, Terrence Malick and Anh Hung Tran.


See some of Nguyen Dang’s most recent directing/production work work at RICE:


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