Friday Creativity – Illustrations from Phuc Le

At RICE we don’t just make content for clients, we encourage each other to work on our own creative projects. In fact, as a core team of filmmakers who do content instead of content marketers making films, it’s a founding principle of RICE that we respect and make time for our own creative endeavors. This week we’d like to give you a glimpse inside the mind of our illustrator Phuc Le, who usually works with the concept team to help us come up with great pitches.

What are your interests and what’s your role at RICE? Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 4.33.35 PM

Doing concept art and eating banh trang tron.
The 1-sentence summary of this project?
A normal day at RICE.
What was your inspiration?
I was aiming for a funny internal project that expresses our personalities and team dynamics some–our hopes, our suppressed feelings. Funny stuff / problems that only we would notice.
What was the process?
– List all the funny stuff I see at RICE, pick a highlight event of the day
– Consult Alice (our motion graphic designer)
– Visualize objects + characters (if any)
– Let my imagination flow
Wipe the mice
Right now we happen to have some resident mice running around eating our computer cables. On this particular day, the mice destroyed the cables of half the team member’s PCs. I can’t kill the mouse…so I drew a propaganda poster (Russian style). I like manga and anime so I used that for inspiration too.
Central Craving
Like every IT department, central gets a little frustrated with having to fix our computers all the time. From their point of view, we’re PC killers.
Our concept lead, mother hen
Our concept lead, Que, was leaving for holiday for a week and our motion graphic designer Alice had to be in charge. Alice’s nickname is fox.
Alice in Upperland
Alice was raging because she felt her opinion wasn’t heard. She can be super sassy at times.
Fallen brother
The first working day after Tet, we were all shocked to see a dead mouse along with a horde of dead cockroaches in the office. Inspired by the famous Dong Ho painting “Mouse’s Wedding”.
Our production manager Phuong Anh is known for sharing weird, shocking (if not ridiculous) French videos with us. At some point we all had to agree that certain videos need to be censored at our weekly Friday creative lunch.


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