From Farm to Football: A Documentary in Thai Binh.

Suong relates her experience in the shooting of the ‘From Farm to Football’ documentary short in Thai Binh. Besides bringing back memories of beautiful shots landscapes and locals’ authentic story, she also developed a friendship with its residents. Is there any difference between your impression of Thai Binh before and after going there? Haha. Yes. Before meeting with Thai Binh’s locals, none of us have travelled to Thai Binh before, so I was not sure about their reactions to our shooting. I was worried that they might get frustrated with us because of this disruptions to their lives However, once we set foot in Thai Binh, all of my worries were washed away by their warmth and hospitality. Our arrival did cause quite a stir in the village but in a positive way.
Can you tell me more about your experience with Thai Binh locals? They were really generous! To achieve authenticity in the production of a documentary, we need to put ourselves in the locals’ shoes. For this shoot, we went with the flow as the locals are very sincere. They were eager to help us as much as possible; we didn’t even need to ask them anything. It’s funny that most of the time, we need to ask for permission for shutting down some areas for filming, but in this situation, they did it all for us without us saying anything. Lately, I knew that in Thai Binh, it is a custom for locals to treat their guests warmly; no matter where guests come from or what they look like. They provide their best hospitality every time a guest comes to visit their village. What are your most memorable moments in Thai Binh?
We were invited to have lunch at their home. We are so busy at the first shooting day, but they still insisted on inviting us again on the second shooting day. They did not let anyone eat, even elders and other guests until the film crew was done with shooting. There were too many guests in their house that day, so our crew had to sit in their private bedroom while enjoying local cuisine and rice wine. I was deeply moved and surprised by their gestures. Do you want to come back? It’s definitely a Yes. Although we just spent a few days in Thai Binh, it feels like we’ve known them for a long time. There was no barrier between the locals and us. On the day we left, they made us promise that we’ll come back to their village one day, and I am determined to hold myself to it.
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