Getting Some Headspace During a Pandemic – A word from RICE’s EP about the situation

What do we do in a pandemic?


With COVID-19 dominating the news, lockdowns and travel restrictions have grinded most of us in the film and advertising industry to a halt.

There are some of us who lost everything while others are reaping the benefits.

The world economy is in disarray and politicians do what they do.

For us in RICE, life goes on.

There are always stories to be told and someone needs to tell them.


Many people have asked how we are doing in these times and our reply will be ‘Life goes on.’.

Life is already easing back to normal in Saigon and brands will start cranking up to get the spotlight again.  

That much needed break and time for reflection is over.

The show will go on.


Watch how RICE’s filmmakers capture the “headspace’ of Saigon people during the lockdown:

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