Giant cactus, cows and a desert storm!

What is more challenging than coordinating a 2 day shoot in a desert?

Lugging giant cacti across the desert in small jeeps!   Why not throw in some cows and we have a shoot worth talking about.

Shooting Gallery Singapore partnered with us to coordinate this challenging shoot.  Having already braved the seas in Phu Quoc island last year, it is only fitting that year 2018 started with another harsh terrain, the deserts of Bau Trang.

As this was a huge commercial project from Singapore, the expectations in quality is still high, thus the team had to deal with the logistics of bringing a large production crew.

Despite the preparations that started 3 weeks ago, our team never anticipated the tough conditions shooting even in a mini-Sahara desert like Bau Trang.  The winds created small sand storms that hindered the crew by reducing visibility and making it hard to breathe.  Every step was also tiring due to the shifting sands.


All these were made harder by the fact that we needed the sun to complete this shoot, so we had to cover all the shots before dusk.  The shoot had to be kept in high tempo with the hot sun beating down on us.  And there was no shade in the open terrain!

Are we complaining?  Not really.

In fact, the tough conditions created a bond among the teams.  As the dusk settled on the second day of shoot, our team is beaming with satisfaction on a job well done and getting another one in the can.

For the record, we did bring giant cacti that are almost 5 metres high and had to walk 5 cows onto the desert.  Imagine that sight!

And voila!  Here is the finished product!



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