How being fashionable can be sustainable and affordable!

How can we become fashionable but sustainable while saving money at the same time? Go check out a second-hand market!
Everything starts from a low-cost hobby of one of our mums.  One day, we followed her to the market out of curiosity. Beyond our expectations, Hoang Hoa Tham market exceeded our expectations and  is shopping heaven! Nothing can compare to the experience we got when we rummage through a hundred clothes piles to find hidden gems.
The sprawling maze inside the market is chaotic but also the heart for the communities living here.  The noise of haggling over unfamiliar items can sometimes overwhelm the senses. Interestingly, the market is tolerant of anyone’s fashion preferences. It does not matter what your style is as everyone can find something here if they are patient enough. Most of all, the items are all cheap!
The only downside is that it becomes an addictive habit; we kept spending money and extended time browsing around the market without heed of time.  At the end of the day, we are satisfied with our purchases to reinvent our wardrobe and give old clothes a new life again. We can’t wait to go thrifting again, but maybe in different second-hand markets and share the experience with you.

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