Khanh- An ongoing self-discovery journey through writing

“I believe words have limitless power. Writing is an act of arranging words into a piece of content to express and develop ideas. It’s up to the ability of the writer to make good use of this power.” This was Khanh’s answer to my question about her definition of writing during lunch break. This struck up a conversation about writing and her job as a writer at Rice. Just by coincidence, she ended up as our new writer. She said after her graduation, she didn’t intend to go back to Vietnam straightaway, but Rice’s videos changed her mind. She recalled that one day, Rice’s recruitment ad popped up on my feed, and I told myself this is my chance and I needed to do something about it. Voila, after all, I’m here now with you guys, she smiled. Khanh’s background is more about public relation writing as well as research proposal and argumentative writing. She admitted that it’s not that I haven’t learnt and practised creative writing before, but at Rice, I have more chance to learn and experiment with a variety of writing styles. That makes me grow as a person and as a writer. Unlike what I usually did in the past, I was taught that creative writing is not about gathering facts or my knowledge about a specific subject, it’s more about ideas and what comes from my heart. Habits are hard to break, but I try my best now, she added. When she was asked about her experience on her first film set, she thought that this is a life-changing experience as she is familiar with individual creativity rather than collective creativity. She explained that in my opinion, the process for writing a book, an article or a research paper is more about individual creativity whereas the process for filmmaking requires not only the creativity of scriptwriters but also those of the whole film crew to produce a film or video idea. For me, screenwriting is another level as we also need to think about how to turn ideas into reality; she laughed. This experience left a mark on her mind. She told me she put a lot of thoughts into her writing path afterwards. She understands she loves writing, but she hasn’t figured out what kind of writer she wants to become. We ended this conversation with the question of where she sees herself in 5 years from now on. Khanh fell into silence for a while before answering my question. “Probably I will keep writing somewhere else. One thing I’m sure that I never give up writing whether I can continue to pursue it professionally or not, so it’s important for me to enrich my experience by pushing myself out of my writing comfort zone to find where am I belong to. This will take time and hard work, but there’s no way around to know how to use the power of words.” ff  

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