Life in Film: Tùng the Animator

1. What film made the biggest impression on you as a child?

I grew up watching ‘The Incredible Hulk’ so for the longest time I’d fantasize about turning into a big, green, furious monster when I got angry. One minute with the power to destroy everything that attacked me, then the next, back to being a normal, lanky guy going about my life. Back then my imagination was so active that purely the thought of turning into an unstoppable beast was enough to entertain me.

2. What was your favourite film as a teenager?

Is it childish to still like Hulk after all that time? When I grew up I related to the character on a deeper level. I liked that he had more layers to him that just some regular buff icon. Hulk to me represents the monster that lurks within us all, in this way he is more human than any superhero. Beyond the incredible character, what fascinates me is the world where the story takes place, from which I have grown to love movies with a sci-fi/fantasy setting.

3. What is the most memorable or iconic scene from a film you have watched?

As much as I admire the visual effects that go into movies these days, some of the best scenes are achieved without any of that. I’m thinking of the action sequences in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which are superb. They are carried out in a very traditional fashion; which means no overdone CGI or technical weaponry, but still manage to thrill me and put me in a daze. I was in awe of the hand to hand combat, which is staged in contrast to what people expect. It is movie devices like these: simple and effective, that really revise the superhero genre.

4. Whose work inspired you to step into the filmmaking industry?

The desire to make films comes from my childhood. I would dream of being a part of a filmmaking crew, and of creating work of my own. I’m taking baby steps here at RICE/Digipost. I don’t consider myself a graphic expert just yet, however, I do feel confident in creating visual effects. In particular I love making cool gadgets like the totally badass, spy-style, display screen Iron man has inside his helmet. In the future, I plan to develop my skills in motion-design and 3D animation.


5. What is the best film you have watched recently?

The movies of Marvel Studio definitely. One that captured my attention recently is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Usually when we think of sci-fi we expect to see old-fashioned characters carrying shields, wearing outrageous outfits and fighting bad guys “for the greater good”, so you’d think that this might be a boring formula. However, as the movie develops, darker social and political themes are introduced, and we see the captains deeply personal struggle to find his place in a modern, technological world. As well as this the plot is extremely well planned out and fluid. Snippets of revelation are scattered like breadcrumbs throughout the narrative and it’s a pleasure to anticipate then watch the events unfold and tie together.

5. What do you find most exciting in the world of contemporary film?

Technological advancement these days has led to so many opportunities in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. However, as effects get more realistic and complex, we must remember to treasure the art of storytelling. My heart rings for movies with an engaging story and thorough character development, as in the end it’s those works which excite me and give me the realest ‘explosions’.


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