Our idea people: the concept team

At the RICE & Partners office we have a whole (small) room of people dedicated to the intangible yet essential first steps of producing content: coming up with a good idea. We asked Que Nguyen, Concept Lead, about why you need professional brainstormers on your team in order to come up with concepts that really resonate with people.


What does “concept” mean in this context? What’s the role of the concept team?

Concept here is not essentially concept art, but more on the sense of the idea – the starting point of a project such as video or campaign.

We get the brief from clients or producers to know what they want and then we build promo ideas that are relevant or fun and create proposals from that. The proposals are not details of the end product but rather a direction of the content we’re going to do for clients – if they like the idea.

Concept team also has illustrators and designers, to illustrate the ideas or make demo of design packages. We also provide 2D artwork for other departments.


What kind of person belongs on a concept team?

The person who has a story to tell. We’re not necessarily extremely good illustrators or designers, but we need to have ideas and stories and know how to show it through visuals. We’re also very flexible and fun lovers.


What’s the most important contribution of the concept team?

We contribute the pillars for the content of a campaign to be built on.


Can you tell me about an idea that has been especially fun/exciting to work on for you personally?

That is the concept for a format show that we partner up with Foody. They are very open to our suggestion and have no requirements other than to promote Foody and engage audience. After research (asking around), I notice young people love to watch romantic-concern theme, so we come up with a concept about dating couples. It’s extremely fun because I personally have no romantic relationship experience (that’s true), and I was so curious about what my concept will look like, how the contents will turn out to be. It turns out quite good and fun (from our internal reviews) so I’m quite confident that the audience will like it!


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