Paul Vi Minh and Chasing the Stars

Let’s meet Paul, our Account Executive for “Chasing the stars” series featuring Michelin chefs on their visit to Saigon:
-What is your role in RICE & Partners?
My main job at RICE&Partners is to handle client accounts. I usually start by taking brief from client, then I work closely with the creative, production and post-production team to make sure the project runs smoothly from start to end. I also sometimes go on shoot as a Production Manager/Producer, like for Chasing the Stars series for example. It feels great to have the opportunity to learn and challenge yourself in other fields!
– Tell me a bit about yourself and how are you doing at RICE?
I was born and raised in Vietnam in a bi-cultural family, so I had a French-Vietnamese education. At the age of 18, I went to France for my university studies in International Business. I’m really enjoying myself at RICE. The team is from all over the world and everyone is very passionate about their craft. That motivates me to keep pushing my limits and keep learning every day.
Tell me of your time in France. What brought you to Vietnam?
I lived in France for almost 4 years. After graduating, I had to make the decision on where I want to start my professional life. France is great, I really love it. But I grew up in Vietnam, so a big part of me is still here. On top of that, my studies was specialized in International Trade and Vietnam has a lot of opportunity in that industry because we do a lot of trading with rest of the world.
– Is this the first time you met a Michelin chef and what was the experience like?
Yes, this is the very first time I had the chance to see Michelin stared chefs in action and to have a long chat with them. I’m a big fan of cooking and I’ve watched tons of cooking series, but seeing them work in the heat and noise of the busy kitchen is another story. I learnt quite a few tricks in the kitchen and I was invited to the table as well. Obviously, it was a great meal, but what impressed me the most is the chef’s creativity. I think at this level of cooking; every single dish is delicious but the thing that differentiate a 1, 2 and 3 stars dish is the artist behind it.
– What inspired you about the ‘Chasing the Stars’ series with Sofitel? Would we see more of the series?
I really admire the hard work and the passion from the chefs. All of them told me one thing: It doesn’t what you do, just do it with all your heart. Never be satisfied of your work, always push for that extra little more. And eventually you will reach the top. Of course, we are planning to meet more chefs this year. And I really hope that Chasing the Stars will keep receiving support from the foody people out there!
– So what is next for you?
Getting better day by day. Not only as an Account, but also in other fields. I really hope to learn more about filmmaking this upcoming year, and who knows, maybe you will see me with the camera one day.
Check out the Chasing the Stars series on the RICE Channel:


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