The ‘Baby’ Shoot

The RICE team ended 2017 with a baby challenge!  That is, we were basically tasked to produce a music video about the imaginary world of a baby’s mind for the brand, Huggies.

This project posed two key challenges.  Firstly and importantly, the casting; we needed to get the right baby that we did not need to overtly direct.  Secondly, we needed the perfect environment that is comfortable and has the look that the Director, Peter Aquilina wanted.

Our Production Coordinators, Nguyen Mai and Ha Anh, embarked on a hunt for babies and locations respectively.

Have you done a shoot for babies in the past?

Nguyen: Never, this was the first time!


What was the casting process like for you?

Nguyen: The casting took 2 weeks.  When we cast adults, we have to look more at the performance.  To cast babies, it is more about finding the right character since we cannot direct them.  As the client wanted a baby who can turn over, we also have to make sure that they do not just lie on their backs!  So that was the difficult part.


Why did you need 2 weeks for casting in this case?

Nguyen: It was very important to find the right baby as the Director (Peter Aquilina) wanted a baby to perform naturally.


How did the baby performed on set?

Nguyen:  We actually had 3 babies on set and they performed really well.  We had the main baby and the close-ups were actually the ‘back-up’ babies when the main baby was asleep.


What were the difficulties you faced on the shoot?

Nguyen: We had to follow the baby schedule!  We cannot know when they will sleep.  So when they start to sleep, the crew stops working until they wake up again.  The baby schedule is our shooting schedule!


How did you feel what you saw the final result (of the music video)?

Nguyen: It was beautiful and much better than what I expected!

About the location, what were the Director’s expectations?

Anh: The location is tricky because we cannot use the normal studio as the environment is not conducive for babies.  The Director was really precise in insisting in shooting a house with a high ceiling and natural lighting.  8 locations were rejected before he approved the one we shot in.


How long did you take to find the location that you finally shot in?

Anh: The locations took us a week before we found the right one.


Can you tell me about the design of the set?  What was the process getting the final look?

Anh: We had to meet Peter’s (Director) vision of the look and also match the client’s colour template.  We had to do a mockup in 3D for the PPM approval and the final was actually very close to what we presented.

What was the reaction when you saw the final look on the finished project?

Anh: It was mesmerizing!  Also all thanks to the efforts from the Art team who actually made that happen!  It was truly satisfying!


Check out the finished video on this link:



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