The sense of discovery and the unexpected results from the experimentation.

Dong On – our filmmaker shares about our new series RICExperiment.

Can you describe briefly about RICExperiments?

Our team created RICExperiments to explore using physical, chemical and sonic methods to create unexpected visual results.

Usually in commercial projects coming through RICE & Partners, we have less time for experimentation, so this series challenges the RICE team to explore and experiment on different techniques.


What have you learned in the process of doing RICExperiment? 

It was different in the sense that we do not have any definite subjects or narrative, so we have to experiment using sound design to enhance the imaginary. It taught us how sound can play a strong role in this case



How did you work with the sound designer?

Duy Dao is the sound designer in Digipost.

Fortunately we both have similar visions for the sound. We decided to use natural sound elements over electronic sounds.

I basically leave it to his expertise and the results really complimented the visuals very well.


What struggles did you encounter?

We struggled to prolong the whirlpool of glitter.

In the beginning the whirlpool was too large and it quickly lost its form. We learnt that we applied too much power in the small tank of water when using the electric drill. So we went back to basics using just a stick to swirl the glitter. The whirlpool lasted longer and in a better form for the camera to capture!


What was the best moment of this film or series?

The sense of discovery and the unexpected results you get from the experimentation. I love the aesthetics of this filmmaking exercise.


Thank you!



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