The State Of Content, RICE And Partners And Discovery Channel Network Asia-Pacific

The ‘State of Content’ is a networking event featuring content producers in Saigon. Organized by RICE & Partners and Lab Saigon, with support from YOLO Pictures, Red 2 Digital and Discovery Channel Network Asia-Pacific, the event was attended by marketers, content producers and creatives.

During RICE & Partners presentation, Andy Ho, Executive Producer of RICE & Partners took the opportunity to announce the strategic partnership with Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific to produce content in Vietnam.

Emile Guertin, Executive Producer from Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, shares his thoughts on thisac exciting venture.

Good evening sir! May I know the reason why a top brand as Discovery Channel decided to pick RICE & Partners to be a partner and representative?

Emile:  Discovery Channel has always had strong interest in Southeast Asia, and we are especially interested in Vietnam as a potential country for telling local stories with international appeal.

Fortunately for us, RICE & Partners has been working hard on producing documentaries, which is the main focus of Discovery Channel.  That is why we need RICE & Partners to connect with the local market and help Discovery in understanding the audiences and potential clients.


What do you think about the team at RICE?

Emile: I think RICE is great. This group is full of people who are young, passionate, hardworking and can think out of the box.  Moreover, the most important thing is that they connect strongly with the local market.


How do you know about RICE & Partners?

Emile: We have to link back to Andy Ho (Founder and Executive Producer of RICE). He used to be a freelancer working with me and he is great. That is why I want to keep working with him.


What is your vision about the Vietnamese market?

Emile: In my opinion, Vietnam is a dynamic market. This new generation are creating new trends, vision and culture.  Discovery Channel and RICE must learn to understand the audiences and gain more insights into the Vietnamese people.


Today you come to the event to present about your perspective in ‘Content Marketing’. Can you explain more in detail on that?

Emile: Oh yes. Basically, you have to create a folder of ongoing ideas.  You may change your ideas constantly but after several weeks, you will choose the best idea.  Ongoing ideas are important for content marketing.
Besides that, you must love your brand and what the business represents which will serve as a powerful motivation.


One last question, please. How does Discovery Channel keep their content compelling?

Emile: First, you must understand your audience, because unlike local television and media within Vietnam, we need to appeal to international audiences. Secondly, keep practicing to sharpen your creative mind, your skills, you take an interest in the world around you. Discovery’s motto has always been ‘To Satisfy Curiosity’

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