This Is How RICE Members Fuel Their Creativity

No hammocks.

No ping-pong tables.

No colorful cubicles.

In other words, there is no fancy Google-styled or Facebook-styled office at RICE.

But maintaining creativity is never a big issue for us, thanks to the “creative lunch” every Friday.

That is when we come and sit together around the main table and start sharing our favorite things of the week. As there are no limits to what we can bring to the table, they can be a silly parody, an incomprehensible short film, a heart-warming commercial, or a cool music video.

The idea behind the “creative lunch” is to broaden our knowledge and viewpoints, which is crucial for creative people such as concept artists, filmmakers and writers like us, according to Andy.

And, it did.

Among the 11 of us, some are filmmakers who spend a lot of time wandering around underground culture. Some are concept artists who love videos with good graphics and messages. Some are social media planners who expose themselves to mainstream culture for most of the time.

Then, we are a mix of foreign and Vietnamese culture. A working environment is never as diverse.

Inspiration aside, sharing our weekly favorites has also helped us understand each other much better. How can we not when we can have a look into one’s likes and thoughts?

We knew that someone had been working up for the whole week, when he admitted that he could not get into something serious or deep, but funny videos after exhausting working days.

We also came to realize that one of our editors is secretly a fan of Nike ads, when 70-80% of her choices were their commercials.

Or, that another editor who often keeps to himself can be so vocal about his favorite videos.

The shared videos sometimes have even inspired us to talk about life, blurring the line between a workspace and a café, between co-workers and friends.

That was also when the “creative lunch” became one of the best things about RICE: we come to work not only for earning a living, but for growing and bonding as well.

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