Top 3 RICE videos: 2016

Our work has covered the gamut this year: from intimate, personal mini-docs to ambitious studio productions. We took an internal survey among the team to see which of all of these were our top three favorite.

Here they are:

RICE IS HERE! SPECIAL – Sapa, An Underrated Challenge


We definitely had some fun with this one. Interested in how we do what we do? This is it—from choosing the story of oral traditions about cloth-making being passed down through families to how we rigged up a drone with an Asus ZenFone Zoom. We were super excited to win Top 10 Best Online Advertising with the final product for Asus, which you can see here



Young Saigon is part of the founding mission of RICE: we’re filmmakers and artists that make content not content marketers that make films. The Young Saigon series was created to keep a finger on the pulse of the new beating heart of Saigon through interesting, intimate portraits of young Vietnamese people forging their own paths. You can read more about it from our Executive Producer, Andy Ho and Head of Content, Dong On, here


And last but definitely  not least:

As director Peter Aquilina put it: “how the hell do we make it snow in Vietnam?” No, we didn’t actually climb Mount Everest for this one but we did climb an ambitious mountain of work to make this video from concept to completion in 8 weeks. You can read more about how we pulled it off and won Best Online Advertising for it here.

What were your favorites this year? Thanks for the support and here’s to climbing more mountains in 2017!



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