“We Bake For Change. You Eat For Change” – Van Trinh, Project Manager (IECD)

From left to right: Nga, Tuong & Hang, apprentice bakers at La Boulangerie Française HCMC – oct2019. Photo by: Ms. Wendy Lee 李纹龄

A few weeks ago, we have the chance to collaborate with La Boulangerie Francaise, a Social Enterprise well-known for their high-quality baked goods and their mission to support the Vietnamese vulnerable youth. In the project, La Boulangerie Francaise and the RICE Team work together to create a brand video to bring out the impactful story that defines the organization.

Trịnh Văn, Project manager of La Boulangerie Française in HCMC, give us more insights on the project and how impactful storytelling can help a brand’s message reach further to communities.

  • Can you introduce a bit about yourself and La Boulangerie Française?

La Boulangerie Française is a vocational training program in Bakery and Pastry dedicated to offering an opportunity to a better life to vulnerable young Vietnamese women and men. Located in Ho Chi Minh City, it welcomes apprentices from all over the country. It is run by IECD, a French NGO whose core expertise lies in education and vocational training to youth.

  • Why did you want to start this video? 

As project manager for this initiative, I aim to transform this training center into a self-financing social enterprise, by bringing the breads and pastries made by the students of La Boulangerie Française to the local market. This video will help our customers and supporters better understand the quality work behind our breads and we hope to encourage the consumption of high-quality traditional bakery products.

  • Why do you choose to deliver your brand message through La Boulangerie Française pupils?

While the apprentice bakers are at the center stage of this initiative by making the products we offer to the customers, it is worth noting they are themselves trained by former students of La Boulangerie Française. All our apprentices, past and present, are a symbol of the sustainability and the virtuous socially responsible cycle we wish to achieve. Our customers are also part of this cycle as the sales generated contribute directly to our students’ education. “We Bake For Change. You Eat For Change”.

  • What’s your favorite part about this video?

It is particularly moving to feel the passion and dedication of our baker in this carefully crafted video.

  • How do you know about RICE? 

RICE generously approached La Boulangerie Française and offered to tell our story the best way they know how.

  • How was your experience on set?

The RICE crew was very professional. While they listened to every single of our comments, they exceeded our expectations when given creative license. We were also involved in every step of the production and learnt a great deal in film making from collaborating with RICE.

  • How do you feel about collaborating with RICE on La Boulangerie Française story?

From the beginning, we felt understood in our mission to make an impact in the lives of our apprentices. We believe RICE’s heritage and philosophy made that alignment and ultimately our work together possible. That’s why we feel very comfortable letting RICE tell our story.

  • Do you think storytelling is important for brands? 

As a brand, our story is what sets us apart. It is crucial to convey our values to our audience. Unlike any other commercial, we also wanted this video to be educational and to inspire new generations of bakers.


Check out how we help telling the story of La Boulangerie Française:

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