What we do for Tết!

The year of the rooster is here. Our team has grown to twelve people and we’re looking ahead to a bigger and better 2017, full of well-told stories. We asked a few people on our team what they would be getting up to this holiday so you can get to know our ever-expanding crew a little better.


Que – Concept Lead 

Que - Concept Lead

“I’d like to just relax and share time with my parents, maybe meet my friends from high school, go around the city watching people… I like the sight of beautiful blooming plants being displayed on the streets for sale and people stopping by to choose and bring home some.

Every day before the New Year’s Eve my dad will carry me and then mom on his bike and go around all the plants selling locations in the city just to look and feel the breath of spring around us. Some days we take more than 1 trip, in the morning and in the afternoon, because the scenes change so fast those days. That’s the best bonding time ever to me.”


Andy Ho – Executive Producer 


“Most likely just chilling… maybe a short trip to another city. I do not spend too much time at home because of work, so might be a good time to catch up on some reading and films. Quiet is good.”



Son Ha – Filmmaking Intern 


“Self-reflection most of the times, will be making bánh chưng with my friends in a couple of days. My favorite thing that I’ve observed about Tết in Saigon is that the city is returned to its “original” state, no more a hectic urban center but more like “home” to all the people that live and born in Saigon. The streets are no longer packed and the pace of living just cools down a bit after an exhausted year. People are more gentle and merrier. Those days, Saigon is just something else, more peaceful. ”



Amelia Lee – Content Producer 

Amelia_ContentProducer“Besides being in the warm embrace of my family, friends and favourite home cook food, I am so totally going to win back all the gambling money I lost to my cousins last year playing mahjong and blackjack”



Nguyen Dang – Filmmaker 


“During Tet, the majority of people living in Saigon go back to their hometown so Saigon becomes a ghost city. As a Saigonese, I truly enjoy the peaceful streets. Every year, I always spend Tet time for walking around with my family. Peaceful days with good coffee are all we ask for.”



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