Worlds of Opportunities – Partnering with WOO

This International Women’s Day we had the opportunity to work with a brand that embodies the core principles of the holiday: to celebrate the social, economic and cultural achievements of women. WOO‘s artisans craft handmade home fragrances, personal care products and accessories with sustainably sourced, fairly traded ingredients. WOO proves that luxury goods can also be ethical, ecological, inclusive and transparent.



Director Nguyen Dang and Que Nguyen, Concept Lead, give a peek behind the scenes:

How did you come up with the concept/execution of the video? How does it reflect the spirit of WOO?

Nguyen Dang:

“Before the shoot, I did a little research on WOO’s website and Facebook page. At a glance, I could see that all the writing and photos were precisely designed. Not only that, but they also tell thoughtful stories on how the products are made by people with a high level of craftsmanship. Elegant, stylish, sophisticated – I went to the shoot with those keywords in mind.”

Que Nguyen:

“To me, WOO is special not just because of the cause or the products they offer, but because of their strong belief in the people behind it. “WOO cares” and “WOO shares” are all about connecting people. So I wanted to show that connection behind the brand through the founder and the female staff on Women’s Day.”


Creatively and concept-wise, what are you looking forward to working on with WOO in the coming months? 

Nguyen Dang:

“Personally speaking, I am always interested in making videos about craftsmanship. I think working with such a quality-driven brand like WOO is a perfect opportunity for that.”

Que Nguyen:

“We want to spread WOO’s message around, make people know about it, feel connected to it, and then follow/love it. Personally I think of it as the steps of “wooing” the one you love 😀 There will be lots of opportunities to explore different kinds of content, both about the products and the people.”



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