You’re Hired

It rained heavily on the day I came to RICE office for an internship interview.

I sat there answering Andy’s questions about my education and working experience, while being seriously wet from head to toe. In the end I was sent home with a promise that RICE would contact me soon.

I did not think I had made a good impression or that I would be hired.

Not until the first day of RICE’s Car Rigging workshop, when Andy came to me, casually saying: “You’re hired. You can start tomorrow.”

It has been more than one month since that day.

And, I have learned a lot.

From trivial but essential things such as how to roll cables and tape electric cables properly so others do not stumble over them. These small things show both your professionalism and thoughtfulness.

To bigger things such as preparations before production.

As a production manager intern who has very little working experience, I feel so trusted to be assigned with a lot of responsibilities. Of course, responsibilities, and big ones at that, also mean challenges and pressures.

But, that is a good thing for me who tends to get slacked when there are no pressures or deadlines.

Numerous opportunities for learning aside, another thing I love about RICE is its working atmosphere where people sit face-to-face and side-by-side without the usual barriers of office desks. Such seating makes our discussions more open and easier.

Then there are helpful and friendly co-workers, and free three meals per day. That is an awesome package that a young person who is looking to expand her expertise and knowledge like me cannot pass.

(Phuong Anh is now a senior student at the department of media production and management, Hoa Sen University)

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